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Following His Lead

Shopping List for Pack The Pantry 2021

 Boxed Side Dishes

 Canned fruits/veggies/beans

 Dry Soup Mix

 Hot Cereal & Pancake Mix

 Pasta & Sauce

 Peanut Butter & Jelly

 Macaroni & Cheese


 Dried Beans/Rice


 Shampoo & Deodorant

 Top Ramen / Cup of Noodle

 Cereal (All kinds and sizes)

 Canned Fruit (All kinds and sizes)

 Dry Pinto Beans (1lb bags)

 Canned Soups

 Canned Vegetables

 Pork & Beans

 Refried Beans

 Instant Oatmeal (Individual Packages)

 Dry Rice (1lb bags)

 Dry Pasta Noodles

 Spaghetti Sauce (All Sizes)

 Tuna or Chicken – Cans

 Pancake Mix / Syrup

 Grocery Store T-Shirt Bags

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