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Following His Lead


mornings with kevin and amy

Mornings 6 – 10am

We can’t thank you enough for spending a bit of your time and day with us! What a gift!  Even now, you could be doing anything else and here you are – Thank You! Our hearts desire is that you come away with a smile on your face, knowing you have a couple of friends you can call on, and knowing God loves you fully and unconditionally.

“Kevin and Amy in the Morning” is a place to come and be completely yourself. A place that is judgement-free, where we can laugh at ourselves and make life just a bit more fun to live.

Kevin and his wife, Tammy, are long distance, motorcycle adventurers and Kevin is also a ‘semi-pro’ disc golfer (by his own account). Amy and her husband, Lloyd, love adventure and the outdoors and lived for a couple of years in a Tiny Home with their family of five, two bunnies and Wallace the dog.

The stuff you and I have to deal with every day may not be able to be taken away, but we can help one another through it.  Thank you so much for being a big part of our lives and sharing yours!


~Kevin and Amy


Weekdays 10am – 3pm

I am a Christ-follower, a proud husband, a dad, and Diet Pepsi and Apple products fanatic. I have been married to my wife Julie since 1988, and we have 4 kids – one of whom has a Master’s Degree, confirming that she always was smarter than her dad. I come from Michigan originally. I like saying things on the radio that build people up and remind us of God’s grace, which really is AMAZING. Thanks for listening.


Afternoons 3 – 8pm

It is so fun being able to connect with you on this station! Every day I feel like you and I are having coffee, talking about all the good, bad and crazy stuff we have to go through. In case you’re curious, I’m married to Ken, who is hilarious and he makes me laugh every day. We have three daughters, Emily, Molly and Marissa, who are just starting their grown-up lives and are “adulating” quite well. I love eating healthy and working out, although I also love eating cheese and sitting on the couch watching HGTV, so there’s that constant tension. I love wrestling with faith issues and shopping for cute clothes; which I realize doesn’t sound like they go together but…we’re all complicated. Now. What can you tell me about you?

Andy youso

Weeknights 8pm – 1am

Hey, I’m Andy! I’ve been told that I’m like a fungus—I tend to grow on people. I’m also a gold star member at Costco, I love pinball (to the point that I play competitively), and am trying to live out my faith and share my wins (and fails) as I go. I have 2 boys and 1 girl, ages 2-13, and a VERY understanding wife who puts up with it all (especially my pinball playing… I reaaaaalllly love pinball). When you listen, my whole goal is to put a little good in your evening, so you’ll find the right songs to keep you going, tips to help you live a better life, and stories that will make you smile. It’s kinda like a big hug, but in a totally non-awkward way. Did I mention that I’m like a fungus?

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