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102.5 The Vine is a nonprofit Christian radio station licensed in Hemet, California and broadcasting to Southwest Riverside County to bring the love and hope of Jesus to our community and beyond. We strive to build stronger families and communities through radio programming that encourages listeners’ everyday lives.

On Air at 102.5 FM

Southwest Riverside County is home to more than 3/4 of a million people. Our area boasts some of the highest income and home-ownership levels in Riverside County. 102.5 The Vine reaches an audience that is ready to hear from you. They are ready to buy homes, send their children to schools and colleges, and upgrade their lives. Click here for our Coverage Map.


Our digital audience listens and interacts in many ways. Our webstream from our website is popular along with streaming from our custom build app on both Apple and Android. You can also listen to 102.5 The Vine by asking Alexa to “Play 102.5 The Vine,” as well as on Tunein Radio. Wherever you are in the world, 102.5 The Vine is right there with you.  

All of our programming is broadcast in all of our formats. When you partner with 102.5 The Vine, you get more than FM radio, you get the power of Online Digital Streaming and our 102.5 The Vine App. Plus, you will find our 102.5 The Vine app on your control center in your vehicle if you have Apple Carplay active. Wherever you look, and however you listen, you and your potential customers are within the reach of 102.5 The Vine. 


of people in Southwest Riverside County identify as People of Faith

The coverage area of 102.5 The Vine includes more than 3/4 million people


Of Christian Music Radio Listeners Are Women


of Christian Music Radio Listeners 62% will go out of their way to do business with advertisers.

When you Support 102.5 The Vine, you Support our Community.

As a nonprofit, non-commercial FCC-regulated FM radio station, 102.5 The Vine is built to give back. That’s why we exist! We broadcast on free FM radio to bring glory to God, spread the good news of Jesus Christ, and connect our community. Hope and Encouragement is heard in every song, and our DJ’s bring an uplifting vibe to every daypart. Our listeners know that 102.5 The Vine is safe for the family, is encouraging throughout their day, and is going to play the right song at the right time.

Read about just a few of our community events that encourage our partners and listeners to give back to Southwest Riverside County.

Explore Just a Few of Our Community Events

The Great Diaper Drive

The Great Diaper Drive has collected thousands of diapers for local families in need. Diapers are collected in all sizes. We know that it’s not just newborns, even toddlers are in need. There are moms in need and children in need, and as a community, it’s up to all of us in Southwest Riverside County to take care of each other. During The Great Diaper Drive listeners are encouraged to stop at drop-off locations where they can provide diapers to local moms and children. Our listener’s gifts of support are passed-through to the community. When our listeners give, they don’t give to The Vine. They give back to our neighborhood . . . through The Vine. Giving Back is what we do.

Warm Hearts Coat Drive

Not many of us have had to spend the night in our car. Or outside. And even in Southern California, the nights can be cold. Winter brings a hardship that most of us never worry about. We grab our jacket and head out the door. But there are brothers and sisters right here in Southwest Riverside County who don’t have that simple coat. The Vine’s Warm Hearts Coat Drive is a chance to give back to people in need who are here in our community. Our listeners donate a new or gently used coat or jacket at one of our drop off locations. You, your business, or your nonprofit can be part of the next Warm Hearts Coat Drive and know your warm heart is bringing warmth to someone else.

Pack the Pantry

Macaroni & Cheese, Peanut Butter, Cereal, Canned Fruit, Pinto Beans, Vegetables, Pasta, Tuna, Spaghetti Sauce, Pancake Mix, Syrup. This might sound like your family shopping list, but it’s not. This is the list of items that our Southwest Riverside County food pantries need most. 102.5 The Vine is honored to partner with our listeners to make sure these pantries have what they need to care for our community. Listeners are encouraged to drop off items at Vine Branch Partner locations, or stop by special drive-through events where they can drop off and give back. You, your business, or your nonprofit can be part of the next Pack the Pantry Food Drive and know you are providing more than only a holiday meal.

Operation Hydration

Our cooling center have a need for water. Our homeless have a need for water. Our first responders often hand a bottle of water to those they meet during their shift. During Operation Hydration, 102.5 The Vine listeners are asked to pick up a case of drinking water to give to others in our community. Together we can provide this basic necessity to the people in our community who need it most. All summer at our Water Breaks, listeners are encouraged to drive by and drop off a case of water that will go directly to our community. Join 102.5 The Vine and make a difference in the life of someone who you don’t know. Operation Hydration. It’s all about giving back.

Backpack Giveback

The Great Backpack Giveback is a large scale school supply drive held across Southwest Riverside County, with a goal of ensuring every student is ready for success to begin the school year. Individuals, families, businesses, organizations, churches, and others are all coming together to provide pencils, pens, erasers, glue sticks, folders, paper, hand sanitizer, and all of the essential needs that a teacher would need for their classroom, or mom would need for her student. You can participate in the next Backpack Giveback and let Southwest Riverside County know that you care about education.

The $25,000 Gift Card Challenge

The $25,000 Gift Card Challenge is on. This April, 102.5 The Vine is asking for 1000 listeners to provide one $25 gift card that will be given to one of two amazing local causes. Through our nonprofit partner “Reach,” your gift will support local survivors of human trafficking. And through our partners at Birthchoice, your gift will support people facing pregnancy, parenting, and reproductive health concerns. You can donate a $25 Gift card for food, clothing, gas, or transportation. Find a list of the most needed Gift Cards and our next Drop off Locations online at 1025thevine.org.

What is the Difference Between Advertising and Underwriting?

Most radio stations will sell you advertising, and you can say anything you want within your purchased time. At 102.5 The Vine, we are governed by the FCC as a non-commercial radio station. We can’t sell advertising, and we don’t.

We accept donations. We are allowed to thank our sponsors in the format of radio announcements. There are a few things that you can’t say in your announcement on nonprofit public radio. I know it’s going to sound like a limitation, but it is actually the key to making you stand out!

First, you can’t have a call-to-action in your announcement. Nope, can’t say, “come and see us this weekend.” Or, “call now.” I know that we were all trained to use strong calls-to-action in our commercials, but that’s not how we work.

Also, you can’t mention prices on 102.5 The Vine in your announcement. You might have a great price on a great product, but we can’t mention the price or discount on-air. It’s okay, you still have great reasons for people to visit or call you.  

Third, we can’t use the numbers of cars you have on the lot, percentage rates, or any statement that will lead the listener to believe that you are better, cheaper, faster, and just more awesome than your competition. I know. That’s how we were taught to do things in marketing class, right?

Here’s a thing, everyone else on the radio is yelling prices and calls-to-action statements to your potential customers. The yelling gets old, repetitive, and tuned out after a while. You and your business are better than that! You are different. When you support 102.5 The Vine, your announcement and relationship with listeners is different, too. You’re not pushing way too hard to get listeners down to your car lot; instead, you’re educating them on the benefits you offer.

That’s what sets us apart! Our job is to be very creative with your commercial script so that the listeners don’t know that they’re not listening to a commercial. You’re not telling the customer to do anything. Instead, you’re educating them on your business. You’re letting then know that you have associated yourself with a high-profile Christian Radio Station. You are presented to our listeners as trustworthy, community-oriented, and caring. That’s really what customers want from a business, anyway. They are looking through the noise for somebody who cares. Today, they will learn that you and your business are the ones who cares. 

Anyone can go on the radio and yell call-to-action statements, but it takes somebody special like you to trust the creative team at 102.5 The Vine to communicate with a loyal audience on your behalf. You are different, and so are we. We’re different because we care. 

Why and How?

Why? Because you care about Southwest Riverside County, and so does 102.5 The Vine. We share values! Christian Radio listeners are some of the most loyal listeners. Your partnering with us brings an instant creditability that only a nonprofit, non-commercial radio station can.
You want to know that your tax-deductible partnership with 102.5 The Vine benefits your neighborhood and community.

It’s a Win – Win – Win. First, you win by becoming Top of Mind with the best audience in Southwest Riverside County (okay, we’re a bit biased, but we love our listeners!) Second, you are supporting a local nonprofit and helping keep us on the air. We are 100% community funded. And finally, our community wins! Because of you, they can turn on the radio and hear the right song at the right time. We are here for our community and because of your generosity.

All of our spots from for-profit businesses are tagged with the words “A Vine Branch Partner.” This let’s our listeners know that you are Vine Approved for our listeners and their families. 


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