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Following His Lead

Podcast and On Air

This local podcast perfectly complements your encouragement intake! On each episode, we speak with local micro-ministry leaders and uncover ways the hands and feet of Jesus are moving in Southwest Riverside County.

Drive-Thru Difference

The Drive-thru Difference is a simple way to make someone else feel good—and you’ll feel good too.  Just print off this letter to give to the cashier as you pay for the person behind you!

Get your window sticker

They won’t help speed up your commute or keep someone else from cutting you off in traffic, but The Vine window sticker will help you spread hope through 102.5 The Vine FM. We’ll send you 2 when you fill out this form!


The Vine invites you to join our Music Team and give us feedback on our music and programming! As a member of the Music Team, you’ll have a key opportunity to express yourself. You’ll receive routine music surveys and sometimes we’ll ask questions about our programming and how we can improve. It will take just 10-15 minutes every couple of weeks and you’ll have a voice in making The Vine the best possible radio station for you, your family, and friends.


At 102.5 The Vine, we are always praying for our listeners. Let us know specifically what we can be praying about in your life. Please know that your prayer request is sent to our team as soon as you press send, and we are praying right away. No prayer requests are ever lost in cyberspace.

Winter/Spring 2024 will differ in our fundraising on 102.5 The Vine FM. This season, we are not asking 1000 people to call in with that $ 33-a-month gift (although if 1000 people wanted to give a $33-a-month gift, we wouldn’t turn it down!) This Spring, we’re only asking for one. One new donor at $30-a-month who will step up and say, “Yes, I’m in.” Will you be the one this week who will step up and say yes? We are looking for only one person out of 750,000 in our listener area—just one. We are looking for you.

Volunteer with 102.5 The Vine

Wouldn’t it be cool to work at the radio station’s booth at that super cool concert or that amazing event that’s coming to town? Or what about a sticker stop? Or maybe to answer phones during a pledge drive? How would you like to be an ambassador for 102.5 The Vine? That sounds cool, right? Fill out this form and let us know that we can count on you!

We are looking for volunteers for various events. Volunteering is a great opportunity to meet and talk with other listeners. Hours will vary. If you would like to become part of our Vine Street Team, please fill out the form below. We will contact you to schedule.

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